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Let's Try This Again - Did Stocks Bottom In June?  Thumbnail

Let's Try This Again - Did Stocks Bottom In June?

The S&P 500's established a trading range between ~3,636 and ~3,945. While the tone of this Update isn't all that optimistic, we do continue to believe the S&P 500 will somehow trade back toward its 100-day simple moving average here in July. Perhaps we're being stubborn and our opinion reflects our bias, but there is just something about how negative and sour the mood is at the moment. It's almost as if collective sentiment believes stocks can't go up, not even for a few weeks...and that's usually when they find a way to go up for a few weeks.

Did Stocks Bottom In May?  Thumbnail

Did Stocks Bottom In May?

The S&P 500 finished the month of May on Tuesday, closing the month unchanged, rising by 0.01% and closing at 4,132.15. Our work continues to label the primary trend as down, or "bearish". Nervousness is in the air, but whether that nervousness is misplaced would seem to lie in whether or not the U.S. economy does indeed head into recession here in 2022. That will probably determine whether the S&P 500's bottom in May at the 3,810 region is actually thee bottom.

Stocks Fall For The 2nd Consecutive Month, The Market Feels Sick  Thumbnail

Stocks Fall For The 2nd Consecutive Month, The Market Feels Sick

The S&P 500 fell -1.27% this week with Friday's close at 4,328.87. Friday's weekly close is the lowest weekly close since July of 2021 at 4,327.16. The index has now declined six of the last nine weeks and is down -9.18% thus far in 2022. We often marvel at how things seem to change from year to year, and it's like the volatility switch got turned on the minute we flipped the calendar to 2022. What's in store for the rest of the year? Have a read to find out!

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