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Providing a Disciplined, Rules-Based Approach To Long-Term Investing

Our Mission is to Prudently Grow + Protect Your Wealth

At NDWM, we focus on investing for long-term returns, while actively managing risk. Our proprietary technical and quantitative research helps us build an intelligent tactical asset allocation model for our clients, one that creates a synergy between not only their investor attributes, but also with the primary trends across asset classes.

The Result?

Our clients have confidence that their portfolio will always have a prudent and defensible asset allocation. We then utilize exchange-traded index funds (ETFs) exclusively to implement their asset allocation with:

  • Full Transparency
  • Minimal Cost
  • Liquidity for Efficient Tactical Portfolio Rebalancing

Strategy Diversification: Pairing Active + Passive Asset Allocation Strategies

Investing isn’t as simple as selecting a pie chart and annual portfolio rebalancing for little to no reason. There isn’t one static asset allocation, or investment strategy, in the present that is optimal for a dynamic and wide-ranging set of future market climates.  You need more than one tool to get the job done!  This is why it’s important for investors to have a process that seeks to overweight and underweight asset classes and investment strategies based on:

Their individual investor attributes


The asset classes and investment strategy's primary trend and relative attractiveness to other asset classes and investment strategies

At NDWM, we use rules derived from technical and quantitative analysis to identify those critical times when tactical portfolio rebalancing is prudent and necessary, both at the asset class and investment strategy level.  By adhering to these rules, we believe we can improve the overall risk-return profile of a portfolio by altering the portfolio’s asset allocation and investment strategy.  

As we eliminate emotion from the investment process, we’re able to develop a sustainable investment methodology to grow and protect our clients’ wealth over the long term. There's a time to invest passively, concentrating on a few asset classes and investment strategies, and a time to invest actively, diversifying across a variety of asset classes and investment strategies. Our rules help us identify these times, and as they teach us in kindergarten, when you follow the rules you stay out of trouble.

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