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Committed To Being Client Focused
Process Driven

Providing Prudent and Thoughtful Financial Advice + Investment Management

Established in 2009 as a fee-only Registered Investment Adviser, Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management is dedicated to maximizing our clients' ability to achieve their financial goals. Richard Nerad and Steve Deppe have worked together since 2005 and previously owned a franchised national investment and planning firm together.  Click here to access our firms Form CRS.  

Today, they specialize in using financial planning as a tool to implement a disciplined, rules-based portfolio management process designed to help clients earn the returns they need to achieve their financial goals. A long-term relationship with Rick and Steve is your financial plan.

What Sets Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management Apart?

Fee-Only Solutions

As a fee-only firm, we do not receive commissions or transaction-based compensation from any parent company.  By not offering or selling products, we remain committed to putting our clients first.  Our fees are cost effective, transparent, and tailored to each client's situation.  They can be variable based on assets under management, fixed as an ongoing financial planning relationship, or hourly on an as-needed basis.  We're never out to maximize our revenue at our clients' expense.  

Fiduciary Responsibility

Our role as a fiduciary and independent advisory firm allows us to remain conflict-free and act in your best interest. We have no relationship or affiliation with any brokerage or investment firm that views us as agents or registered representatives to maximize their bottom line.  Our focus is on providing thoughtful advice and unmatched service to our clients. 

Active Investment Management

We believe investing for success is much more than a colorful pie chart and portfolio rebalancing based on nothing more than a meeting with your financial advisor or a change in calendar year. Our process is ideal for clients who seek to try to maximize their portfolios' growth during “bull markets”, and attempt to minimize their portfolios' losses during “bear markets”, rather than passively adhering to one set asset allocation over the full market cycle.

Two Advisors, One Price

You’ll find that by partnering with Rick + Steve, you are truly partnering with us as a team. We collaborate and work together to create a synergy in which you experience our collective expertise.

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